Introduction to Embedded System

– Features, Current trends and Challenge
– Product live cycle, Processor, Tool Chain, Hardware design issues
– System memory layouts
– Realtime systems, Hard and Soft
– Predictable and Deterministic kernel, Scheduler
– RMA and RMS
– Asynchronous and synchronous system
– Event triggered and time triggered system

Embedded Systems Programming Life Cycle
– Embedded System Design Issues
– Assemblers, Compilers, Linkers, Loaders, Debuggers
– Building RTOS
– Porting ROS
Programming Concepts

– Review of C-Programming
– Software Life Cycle Models
– Embedded Systems Design, Implementation and Testing

Real Time Operating System Overview

– Introduction to OS and EOS
– Process Management & Inter Process Communication
– Memory Management
– I/O subsystem
– Introduction to Real-Time/Embedded Operating Systems
– Task Management and Real Time Scheduling Concept
– Inter Task Communication

The 8051 Micro-Controller

– RISC/CISC and Harvard Architecures
– Types of Memories
– Introduction to 8-bit Micro controllers architure and Hardware detail
– Programming in C and assembly
– Input/Output port programming
– Simulatorsm In circuit Debuggers, Emulators, Cross compliers Kell, RIDE, UMPS
– Timers/Counters, UART, PWM, I2C, CAN
– Interfacing LED, Switches, ADC, DAC, LCD, RTC
– Emerging Bus Standards (USB)