The Information Technology industry is the largest industry. Over the past 50 years, IT has shaped the modern world & continues to change it. The major segments in IT are hardware & software. Software consists of products & services. Software products are packaged or ready-to-use software made by a company for use by others. Software services companies typically do programming for client companies on a contract basis. These companies take care of the client company’s ‘outsourced’ development & maintenance of software, training, etc.

Size of IT industry in India: The Indian IT industry is large: more than 2 million people work here. Of these, about 1.5 million work on exports i.e. overseas contracts, while the rest work in the domestic market.

Offshoring: Indian IT companies have pioneered the ‘offshore’ model. Thus, instead of doing work ‘onsite’ i.e. by going to work at the client’s company abroad, these companies have set up processes to get this work done in India. This results in much lower costs for the client company. By far, the biggest market for such work is the US.

Top companies: Well-known Indian companies in this field include Infosys, TCS, Wipro & HCL Technologies. Multinational software companies like IBM, HP & Cognizant have also built an increasingly strong presence here.

In fact, there are an estimated 8000 IT firms in India. There are also thousands of other, non-IT companies in India & most of them have their own IT department, whether small or big.

Industry growth: Since 2001, the Indian IT sector has been growing at about 28% every year; in 2008, the sector grew at 28% to reach over $70 billion in revenues. In the same year, employment grew at 26%. There is still a lot of growth possible: Indian IT firms account for only 15% of the world market of outsourced offshored software valued at $380 billion.

English advantage: India has a large English speaking population – this is an advantage over many other countries. This is one reason why India is a preferred country for IT work. There are many new markets & areas where Indian firms are making a mark; these include the European & Japanese markets, software products, engineering services, remote infrastructure management, etc.

. Each year, lakhs of people are employed in the IT industry, most of them are new college graduates. In 2009, Infosys recruited approx. 20,000 freshers out of college at an average salary of Rs. 3.25 lakhs per year. Other large firms too hire in large numbers.
. A career in the software industry means being a part of the most ‘happening’ industries of our time. There is no area today that is not or will not be touched in some way by software.
. If you have an interest in trying or solving challenging problems, IT is a great field to work. . India has 81 million Internet users (as per The Internet Governance forum).
. India is ranked 4th among the top 10 nations in the world for high Internet usage (as per the Internet Governance forum).
. The number of mobile phone users in India is more than 300 million & is growing by 8 million per month.
. The domestic IT market in India is expected to cross Rs. 200,000 crore in 2012 (as per IDC India).
. Many global companies outsource IT work to India because of India’s highly-skilled, English-speaking population & low costs.